EasyVision Pro Instructions For Use


Begin by setting up the EasyVisionPro eye's chart ; using a piece of tape, hang the EasyvisionPro eye chart at eye evel


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    Use the eye chat easyvisionpro

    Keep a 13 foot  distance between yourself and the eye chart for the most accurate results

 Turn Dials Forwards The Easyvisionpro glasses

Step 1: Turn Dials Forward

Start by turning on both sides the Easyvisionpro glasses frame forwards until you heard a click or until you cannot turn the dial any further

 Cover Your Left Eye 

Step 2: Cover Left Eye

Put on the Easyvisionpro glasses and cover your left eye.

 Start to adjust your pair of Easyvisionpro glass 

Step 3: Start to adujst your pair of Easyvisonpro glass

Standing 13 feet from the eye chart, turn the dial to ensure the lens is focused correctly. For best results, attempt to read a string of letters on the last 2 lines on the easyvision eye chart 

Note: The average person has 20/20 or 20/25 vision by successfully readung either of the last 2 lines on the chart from left to right

 Cover the Right Eye

Step 4: Cover the right eye

Now cover your right eye and repeat ( figure 4)